Saturday, August 16, 2014

Sleepy Girls

The girls had VBS last week and so my Mom picked the girls up after VBS on the two days I worked. On the first day she was going to bring them back to our house however the girls really wanted to go back to her house.  So 5 minutes after I picked them up the following happened.

She looks insane in that carseat however she has not reached the max weight nor are her shoulders above the top slot so we are set.  In a booster this is what happens.  "Celia you need to sit back, Celia you should not be able to reach the front seat, sit back, get your hands out of the window, Celia sit back, the booster seat should not be flipping, Sit still!!!!" The kid is staying in a carseat until she absolutely can not fit into it.  It is a Diono carseat.  I LOVE those seats.  

This Diono that Audrey is sitting in was the replacement one after my car accident. 
It converts into a booster seat when the time comes.  We had the same type of carseats in the accident that Pete had when Audrey was 1 month.  Well Celia was in one, Audrey was in an infant bucket seat. But I had 2 Dionos in my car after my accident.  When we have had the seats installed, the tech always comments that he only buys Dionos past the infant stage.  

Speaking of the accident, did I share that this happened?  No we did not paint my red car silver.
After getting into the car and taking it apart it was determined that my red car was a total loss.
So I got this, 1 year newer, and cheaper then my red car, yes that was a nice perk!!

It also came with some sweet rims.  Pete pointed them out to me, I would have never noticed.

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