Monday, September 1, 2014

The beach day 10 and 11

Day 10 felt like more of the same.
But a good same.  Who is going to complain with pool, then beach, then nap, then repeat?

 There was not a huge amount of boogy boarding.
The water was not as calm
 Building some more sandcastles.
See Audrey in the top knot?  So cute
I think Audrey did a lot of supervising and shell decorating when it came to the sand castles
The girls found this red ball at the pool.  Celia pretended it was a crystal ball.
Then she hid the ball from Audrey and sat on it to hide it.
I of course lifted Celia up several times and let Audrey grab the ball.
The girls had a blast which makes me think again that regular toys are totally unnecessary.

Day 11- Our last day at the beach.  We still were not 100% positive on this day that it would be our last.  We could stay 1 more day however my Mom and I did not want to risk getting stuck in traffic for hours with the two girls.  The day was VERY hot and the ocean not quite as calm.  We had some rain in the morning but we did not some beach and pool time.

 So it rained and the girls went out in it.
Celia could care less if she gets wet, though she is obsessed with her umbrella
 But shockingly this happened.  
See the lower lip?  Yep, very upset that her favorite dress is wet.
I could have sat a lot about this situation however I just changed her into a fresh dress.

My little surfer girl

Modeling on her boogy board

Yep, still cute and still a trouble maker

 Despite looking so rough, once you got out there it was okay
Celia wiped out on the boogy board because getting in and out was tricky.
You ask the kid above though and she will tell you it is fine and that she can go in her self...

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Diana Lesjak said...

I love the repetition of the beach days.... More of the same, just different days! Great fun!