Saturday, January 18, 2014

The Green Tunnel Slide

I take my kiddos out in the cold and Audrey never complains, Celia has always had an opinion about it.  It warmed up in the afternoon but it was quite chilly when I took Audrey to the park but again, she could care less!  Maybe it is a good jacket and hat, I am not sure but she is a trooper.  Of course Celia has always felt very free with expressing her opinions about discomfort.

There is a tunnel slide at the park that Audrey has always shied away from.  In general, Audrey is a fairly adventurous little girl and is willing to try a lot.  But she has certain things that just make her uncomfortable and this tunnel slide has been an issue for awhile.  She likes going down it but only on my lap.  This particular tunnel slide is really not made for adults at all, getting in it is no big deal, but getting out of it is annoying.  So I decided that it was the day to get her to go down.  So after a lot of coaxing and a lot of rides with Mommy, she finally did it!!

Checking it out from below

Climbing up and counting the steps.
I have to incorporate some sort of academic learning into this adventure

Telling Mommy that she doesn't think she can get in it her self
I talked her through it

And there she goes!!!

I have to display this highly informative sign put in a short trail near our house.
We live right next to university property and they felt the need to indicate that you can walk that way or this way.  No words, just that.  It is a chained off trail so very few vehicles travel that road except for I guess special events or special needs.  But someone felt the need to put this in.

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