Sunday, January 12, 2014

This Week

I have been trying to post at least two times a week.  This week I just did not get to it.  I worked 3 days this week, not sure if that was smart right after a long break or not, just made it feel long!  Actually the week started out very long.

Monday it was in the 60s in the morning but rainy.  My car would not start.  We had 8 inches of snow the previous Friday and wind chills that were dangerously low.  So I think it sort of messed with my car (though the dealer said that it absolutely could not in a camry, of course).  In any case I did not find out that it was doing this until I got in the car with Celia, Audrey, and our neighbor Amber.  I take Amber and Celia to their bus stops.  So it would not start,  I called Pete and AAA.  Then we set out in the pouring rain and wind to try to catch Amber's bus, we had already missed Celia's bus.   I told Amber to walk ahead as with Celia and Audrey, we were slow.  She was able to make it to the bus stop just in time to see her bus pull out of the neighborhood.  We arrived back to meet Pete who had to turn around when he was 3/4 of the way to work and he did not expect to have to also drive Amber to school.  Panicking about arriving late to work and having to do all this was a little frustrating, understandably so.  In any case he went to my car to grab Celia's book bag and tried to start my car.  What do you think happened????  Yep, started right away.  Luckily I had Amber to back me up that the car would not start and that I tried it many, many times.  The service tech at the dealer said that it sounded like a computer hiccup, thanks for the technical reason.  No issues since then!!

Tuesday the high temperature was 9 I believe or something like that.  When I drove the girls to the bus stop it was 1 degree.

As you see it did warm up a bit while we were waiting for the bus.  Break out the swim suits.

Audrey at least was entertained by some of her new toys while being stuck in the house this week. Her aunt gave her this stuffed Doc McStuffins back pack.  For the first few days after she received it she did not take it off.  Don't you love the little braids!!!

Celia was okay going back to school this week.  I think that the excitement of arriving late on Monday helped her.  She basically thought it was great!  The goofy girl.  The only problem this week was some rough days in which she was just plain tired and that equals grouchiness and hyperactivity in Celia.  We got through it, onto another week!

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