Friday, January 3, 2014

My New Camera

Everyone has been the victim of my new camera, I am testing it out.  I did capture some pretty pictures of the snow as it fell last night that were great because it was dark and I did not need the flash!

 Even eating a cracker, she does not take a bad picture!
 Three pants, two jackets, two hats, super duper mittens and girl friend could barely move. 
But she did not get cold in the 17 degree weather
 This is my favorite photo so far taken by the camera, the lighting just is perfect and I love it.
Her new Landsend jacket is amazing, Celia does not like to be cold. 
She will let the world know when she is cold and she was fine in that coat with only a thin shirt underneath.  Along with thick pants and heavy duty snow pants of course- oh and the two hats.
 And this is where the "everyone has been a victim" of my camera shooting comes.  Poor baby.  The bed head is just too much.  She is wearing a sun dress too and holding her pants.  There is this wacky trend at nap time, she is trying out sleeping with various "fancy" dresses.  Her Easter dress from last season is a favorite, that poofy, fancy dress should get some extra use I suppose!
There he is.  If I take too many of him, my camera may be returned.
But not a bad picture

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Diana Lesjak said...

Haha! Welcome to my world! Great pictures- keep snapping away!