Tuesday, January 28, 2014


Last week we had a very unexpected snow storm.  I knew nothing about the white stuff until I think Monday morning.  I am a snow watcher, I can tell you when snow is in the forecast as soon as it comes up on any number of news websites.  My first reaction on Monday morning was to turn to Pete and say "why wasn't I told about this?"  He was curious about that too, but he could care less because he was leaving for a business trip prior to it's arrival.  So on Tuesday the storm came earlier then expected and gave us about a foot of snow.  It has been quite awhile since we had experienced that much snow and the timing was perfect for school closures- for two days.  It is not often that we have 2 days in a row off of school in our area for snow.  But record low temperatures also helped for a snow day.  I will admit, I loved having Celia home some extra days!

On Tuesday morning I prepared to have the girls inside for awhile because the temperatures were going to drop into the single digits and so snow playing was likely going to be limited.  I bundled up the girls before the full brunt of the storm arrived and we went to the park.  Of course the snow came earlier and steadier then predicted and while we were at the park I discovered that I was too cold and that sliding and swinging at the park with snow was not as fun as it sounded.  So we drove into town, grabbed some pretzels, and headed home to stay for the day!  It was pretty to see, but very cold.

I forget why they were out in the snow in the dark, they just were out in the snow in the dark.

A blurry picture, but our adventure to the park at the start of the snow.

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