Saturday, October 5, 2013

Fall Summer

It is October 5th and it is 85 degrees, it is hot.  The leaves are turning and I am stocking up on warmer clothes for the girls, yet we are currently wearing shorts and short sleeves.  It is crazy.  Even this week it is still going to be in the upper 70s.
 I love Fall a lot and the girls do too.  They love to spend time outside and do,
well weird things like in these pictures.

Still not sure what this was about

Do you notice the rain boots?  I got them at a consignment sale
with plans to decorate them with puffy pant to make them more girly.
But Celia thinks they are fine just the way they are.  So do I.

Pretty Fall leaves are popping up throughout our neighborhood

Again, no clue, but I think the rain boots perfect her outfit!
They were $3 by the way and look brand new.

Maybe she is wrangling in a tree?  No idea

Pretty Mums in Pumpkin orange are thriving in her front yard.
The girls brought these home from school for Mother's Day
I am enjoying the warmer weather but I am ready for cooler days!

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