Sunday, October 13, 2013

And she's out...

My sad face, a bad picture, but you get the picture.  So Thursday evening I was happily playing legos with Celia and when we were finished I attempted to stand up.  Normally that is something that is quite easy for me however it evidently was not to be on this particular day.  I stood up, twisted my knee and heard a pop.  Now everyone that I have since mentioned the story to makes the comment after I say pop " Oh that's not good".  At the time I really thought nothing of it until I tried to move again and folks, let me tell you that if you hear a pop- that is NOT a good thing.  I could barely move and it wasn't just due to the pain, my knee seemed to be sort of locked in place.  Not fun.  I recovered after a bit but was in pain.  So I was worried, I iced it and was pleasantly surprised when I awoke the next morning and my knee felt okay, stiff, but ok.   An hour later, another pop, more pain and landing flat on the ground made me realize that I was not ok.  I made some calls and got into see an orthopedist.  Audrey was a trooper, we had to wait 90 min for X-rays and she was awesome!!

So the orthopedist is 99.9% sure I tore my meniscus, he even started telling me about the surgery to repair it until I cut him off.  I asked if we could wait to talk about it after the MRI- I mean really???

I should mention that this was the morning that I read to Celia's class.  I still went however the whole time I was reading I was thinking about what was going to happen if I stood up again and went down, I would take out the whole first row.  I was fine standing up.  The storytelling seemed to go fine but I was a bet off that day, imagining all the things that could wrong.

I do not take slowing down well at all.  That is likely why I had not visited an orthopedist 10 months earlier when I first started having knee issues.  I just altered my exercise as needed and made plans to eventually see someone.  Now this current issue could or could not be related to that knee pain.  The theory is that perhaps I had a minor tear and then it just became bigger when I got up the wrong way (the meniscus often flips when you have a tear and that is what cause the extreme pain and knee locking according to the orthopedist). Evidently though, twisting your knee the wrong way can tear your meniscus.

A little bit too much info provided here and it is likely boring to most!!  So I had my MRI done Friday evening and I am seeing the orthopedist Wed afternoon.  If it is surgery it is not awful surgery, heck if I get it done on a Friday then I may even be able to return to work the next week.  But as we all know, surgeries are never convenient!!

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