Monday, October 7, 2013

Audrey and Mommy days

I have been very torn with sending Celia to a full day kindergarten.  Our district has 1/2 day kindergarten, a shorter day then many preschools.  Celia just misses the district cut off of Sept 1st so she is on the older side for Kindergarten and it just made more sense to go full day.  We picked her school for many other reasons.  But I am home typically 3 days a week and so I miss Celia a bit.  But I also see how much more she gets from a full day kindergarten.   So that leaves Audrey and Mommy alone for typically 3 days.  I was really nervous about it because it is harder to entertain just one kiddo but we are doing okay.  We have had some playdates, moms morning out, some trips, and also just some time spent at home.  I get to learn so much about Audrey that I am well aware of now that I would not know if I was working full time.  It helps that Audrey is the easiest she has ever been and she is so happy.  She is so cute too.

We have been on many adventures just in our neighborhood too.  Last Tuesday we went on a leaf walk and I did not expect it to be so interesting for Audrey

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cori @olivetorun said...

Absolutely adorable. Sounds like you girls had some fun times together.