Sunday, October 27, 2013

Science Factory

Celia had off from school on Friday so we took advantage of our free reciprocal membership and went to the Lancaster Science factory.
The girls had a good time.  We stayed there for almost 2 hours.  Celia jammed on this PVC pipe instrument.

This was a sand pendulum.  Audrey just liked the sand part.

Audrey's GI doctor actually has one of these simple machine ball contraptions but I think it is more exciting outside of the doctors office.
This was a large microscope.
Dance around the black lights and prisms
A knex simple machine.  knex was a big part of the museum.  Celia really loved them.

Even the entrance offered some fun.  Our favorite part was the parachute tube.  You shoved a parachute into a tube and it shot out the top.

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