Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Organizing week 2

She would likely not appreciate this photo.  But hey I thought it fit my distaste of having to organizing/declutter/clean.  In any case, So how did this week go?  Well I did organize the girls school items in binders.  So that was completely accomplished.  I sorted through toys and some were trashed (goodness they had tons of broken little toys from prize boxes, etc) and some were put in the consignment pile and of course most were kept.  The consignment pile is quite impressive this year but primarily because I have some bigger items.  My clothes pile is quite light.  I also sorted through books. I think that is a forgotten thing to sort through and I have never been in the theory that you can never have too many books.  My girls are overwhelmed by too much of one thing, books included.  I sorted through our books and voila suddenly they are bringing me different books to read.  Celia can not be around when I sort toys but she can be around when I sort through books.  She has her favorites but even some she used to love she admits is not too exciting anymore.  My kiddos also love the library (which has an endless supply!).
So I still need to continue sorting through kid clothes and maybe a few toys for the consignment sale this week.  I also want to tackle my own closet but I think I need to leave the consignment sale items as a priority since it is this week!  I also work 3 days this week which eats into my time.  Nothing happens on days that I work.  So week one is done, 51 more weeks of organizing to go.

Goals for this week:  finishing consignment sale organizing
                                 start sorting through clothes in my closet (maybe finish 1/4 of the closet)

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