Sunday, August 4, 2013

Sunday School

The girls and I have been fairly faithfully attending Sunday school since the late Spring and we have enjoyed it. I have attended a few Sunday school classes and although I will have to say I do not consistently follow what everyone is saying, I have enjoyed some of it. Pete and I tried to attend the contemporary service at our church before we had the girls. It just was not for us at all. I have been surprised that I actually am enjoying the contemporary service. Maybe it has changed, but it just relaxed and very nice. I am hoping to keep taking them consistently during the School year. Celia will no longer have the lessons that she had while attending her Christian daycare/preschool so it is now (and always should have been) up to us to continue providing her with those teachings. We will always let our girls take the lead with this and right now as my 5 year old constantly sings Vacation bible school songs and songs that have some religious tie, I think I know where she is leading us. So I have tried taking their picture right before Church and it is always interesting how it turns out.

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