Thursday, August 22, 2013


She told me recently that her friend Amber (age 11) told her 
that most Kindergarteners do not start out the year

She told me that at Vacation Bible school she was the first 
one done when they had
papers to do...

She told me that she thinks that 
maybe she is very smart....

Big huge sigh from Mom
Yes you are kiddo
I have to watch how I word things carefully because 
Mom and Dad want you to be confident but modest.
We want you to be healthy, kind, friendly, and fair
We want you to be loved and liked.
It makes life easier that way.
We want you to be willing to try new things and
to not give up when things get a little tough.

So I told you that you are smart
in some things
But others are smarter at other things
That as you meet different people you will 
discover that some of them can do more then you can
and that some of them can not.

The truth is though
If you know Celia
You know she is special and amazing and funny and brilliant

When you are born in a parking lot
there is a certain expectation though that
you will be something special.
She has lived up to it everyday of her life

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