Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Sand is A-OK

So if you recall Miss. Audrey was not the biggest fan of the sand for the past 2 outerbanks vacations.  She really did not like the stuff, she screamed over it.  If you look at the top pictures then you get the idea.  We have done a lot of activities to break her of her sensory issues and perhaps it is just developmental for her or maybe my hard work paid off.  She loved the sand this year!  She preferred that it be scraped off of her frequently but it was a huge accomplishment.  It made things a lot easier for us.  She was however not a fan of the ocean at all.

In Audrey's words "I not like ocean, I scared of ocean.  I go to ocean and bye bye Audrey.  I no like ocean"

She only said the bye bye Audrey once but it floored me.  I was not sure if she meant she thought she would get swallowed by the ocean or if she meant she would run away, not sure.  So taking walks to search for shells meant Audrey needed to be carried, a big pain.  You could be sure though that if I put her down for a second, she would book it for our spot on the sand.

As you can see she is okay with a little sand!!

My Mom bought the girls a little baby pool 
and we filled it with water each day. They both loved it.

I bought the girls matching swim suits this summer.
Gotta love Lands end deals.  I tried to take a picture
of the together and it was just not going to happen.

 This was the best I got, but from the back aren't the cute??
 She looks so peaceful and pretty in this picture
See how the head is a little down
Knowing how the photo shoot went I am fairly sure there is pouty lip in the front

This one
Oh my goodness
This one forgot that she was supposed to be 
in the middle of the terrible twos this vacation
Shh.... don't tell her

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