Monday, August 19, 2013

Have you ever

seen anything this cute????

We have been on our annual beach trip and back again.  I scheduled a bunch of posts while I was away  and I love doing that.  I forget what I have scheduled and I am open up my blog and SURPRISE!  I get to see something I did not expect.

So our journey started on a Monday evening.  I drove to our friend's beach house about 2 hours away to cut out some time to our journey to Corolla, North Carolina.  The next morning we left around 8:00 and traveled 6 hours.  The girls were for the most part awesome and the trip went by fast, despite drenching rains for most of the trip.  The night before it took Audrey forever to go to sleep, she was still up at 10:00.  She did not nap for Grandma and Grandpa who watched the girls that day so she was really tired the next day.  She also only napped for 30 min in the car.  When we arrived at the beach house the girls chilled out and watched tv.  Within a short time I looked over and this is what I saw.  Water bottle tossed, Meow Meow cuddled, and cozy pillow under her head.  She is so LITTLE, Audrey despite telling me you are BIG, you are still so little.

So this week I guess I will recap our trip to the beach.  It was another good year.  We did not love our beach house and the location but there were other perks.  I enjoyed being relatively close to a grocery store because treks out there did not take an hour.  I liked the pool that was nearby and the amenities provided.   There were no views from the house which was a different experience for us.  Okay, if you looked in between two houses about 1/2 mile away you could see a square of the ocean.  The ocean this year was warm for the most part.  That has not happened in years.  It was Sooo nice.

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