Thursday, August 29, 2013

Back to Beach

So I sort of left it hanging with the pretty pictures of Celia.  So Back to our Beach Trip

Grandma and Grandpa did show up at the beach this year and both girls were very excited.  I somehow did not get pictures of them or maybe I have not downloaded them yet, not sure.  But rest assured we had a great time hanging out with them and we wish they would have stayed longer!!  In any case, on a not so nice beach day we toured the light house/ nature area of Corolla.  The tire horses were a hit with both girls.  Pete enjoyed them too evidently, until Audrey kicked him off (just guessing that she did because she usually does that sort of thing).  

Celia asked me to build a sandcastle with her and so I made a big mermaid, it is hard to see in the picture but it was awesome and I did not have a lot of help.  My two helpers wimped out on me.

Grandpa brought this dear girl a kite to fly and she did a top top job

The girls had a great time at the community pool, this is the baby pool part.
They primarily hung out in the big pool.

One day I hung out with my buddy the tree frog, he was just hiding there under the umbrella
when I opened it!!

Audrey and Pete tried to perfect the concept of coolness.  Audrey beat Pete.

Pete had a great time fishing.  I fished a couple times, liked catching the fish, I no longer have the patience to wait though.  I suppose that is sad as when I was 10, I loved fishing and could wait for a lot longer!!

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