Thursday, June 27, 2013

The Mixed Up Chameleon

I have been trying at least 2 times a week to pick a book and do an activity tied to the book.  Celia read The Mixed Up Chameleon to me and I had previously read the story to Audrey.  While Celia was reading the story to me, Audrey was too busy with her morning Smorgasbord.

Lately she has slowed down and she does not eat it all.
There was a time in which everything would have been eaten.
She demands the variety in the morning.  
It is chex cereal (eaten dry), Rice crispies (with milk), yogurt with honey and craisins, 
and in the cup is her newest love, Green Machine smoothie.
The medicine syringe is for her reflux meds.

Anywhooo.....  On to Mr. Chameleon

 So we read him

Then I traced over him with thin paper, making sure to outline
each color section.
I then cut out the different colors from the template I just made.
We realized later that we forgot the tongue- no biggy.
Believe me I am sure this project is not unique, I know!
Audrey drew her legs on.  
For this activity, I was just into letting her do the 
gluing and the putting on herself. I thought she did great!!

 Celia made hers perfectly.
She made him asleep, with his legs curled under 
she said.
 Here is Celia's up close
 Here is Audrey's up close.   The legs were great.
Her name is at the top.  If you look closely she scribbled over the U.
Almost every time I can get her to do the U, not bad.
Miss. Ultra creative decided it was in general a mixed up chameleon day.
Typically she fights me on picking out her own clothes but she got all excited and appeared with this outfit and announced that she was in deed a Mixed Up Chameleon. There was a wardrobe change later and she returned in equally mixed up clothes.
She dressed her sister too.
It would have been a great outfit, had it not been 90 degrees...
Celia was a little put off when I told her that we would have to change the
pants when we went outside.  

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