Sunday, June 23, 2013

Longwood with Katie

We took my niece Katie with us to visit Longwood recently.  It was a rushed trip because we had to get back for Celia's swim team practice.

Hanging out in Celia's picture spot.  
She now hops in and says "Take the picture"

We were able to catch the Fountain show, which
we never seem to get to!

 The fountains come up to the music

 In the bee tree house

 I have no idea what got her so irritated, she was tired.
By the time we got home she was acting tired, acting like a 2 year old,  a raving lunatic

 Okay, Longwood is huge.  There are fountains, gardens, indoor and outdoor children's gardens,
tree houses, a waterfall, a bell tower, paths and paths to walk.  What attracted these three the most???
The cat.  Yep the cat.  We did learn that there are 13 cats that live at Longwood.
They have different territories and they are for rodent control.  That cat lives in a house that you can tour and from what I can see helps by being receiving treats and attention!!

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