Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Pretty Painting

Celia's school has a picnic every year and they always have a face painter present.  
I was not about to get Audrey's face painted as I could just picture the "Get it off, get off of my face" fit.

Oh I wish these girls lived closer to each other so they could play all year long!

She went to swim practice shortly after she got this.
What was left after the swim cap went on came off in the water.
Luckily she could have cared less as she had fun in the water!

I told Katie that I wore braces for like 5 years.
She asked me why I told her that.
Oh no reason, not thinking orthodontics are in your future at all....
She is cute (10 year old, is it pretty now, or can I still say cute??) enough it really would not matter though!

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