Friday, June 21, 2013


We visited Pete's Sister, her husband, and my nephew Cole recently.  We head off to a local zoo with the kids right before we left to go home.  The zoo was very cool.

We also stayed in a hotel as a family of 4 together and we survived and it was not horrible.  What I actually was annoyed at the most happened in the morning.  I love continental breakfasts.  In general,  breakfast is my thing, I love it.  So I slept with Celia and typically the kid does not move, however she decided that she needed to be plastered smack up against me.  Celia sweats.  I mean I was soaked from her.  So I kept moving her to her own side, she decided to sleep with her feet on me at one point.  I am not sure what on earth happened.  I guess with moving her frequently she might have not gotten the best night's sleep, I am not sure.  But in the history of Celia and sleep what happened in the morning has never, ever happened.  She woke up, was up for a bit but did let us know she was very tired.  She was announcing it in a silly, almost playful manner so I thought she was joking.  I told her to come over and lie down and she did and then she was asleep.  I was nervous, never has Celia gone back to sleep.  I thought perhaps she was sick.  So I was not dressed or ready to go to breakfast but Pete was ready.  So he got to take Audrey down to breakfast.  I was left upstairs with Celia.  I was hungry.  So Pete returned after a LONG time (okay maybe not so long but I was hungry) and Celia and I headed down.  Celia who was now not asleep but should have been because she was grumpy and evidently not so hungry. Breakfast was now crowded and I was rushed, and it just was not the best.  I never stay in hotels and I love free continental breakfasts.  Next time, Pete gets to stay and I will go down with Audrey, the eating machine.

So onto the zoo.  Here are some pictures.

Celia took this picture of me!  It isn't half bad and from that angle
my car looks really clean, not kid destroyed 

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