Tuesday, June 4, 2013


"So Big"

Tomorrow night Celia we celebrate you and your second family. 5 years ago I went back to work after spending a very fun year with you. Looking back, I have no regrets to return to work. It gave us the freedom from stressing about finances at the time, it allowed me to continue with a career that I enjoyed, and it allowed you to shine as a very independent and intelligent little girl. It was right. UMCC was right for you.

You started with Ms. Jen and still to this day I will have to say that she was the closest match to your personality that you ever had. She understood you and she always had your back. I remember walking in one day, very upset that you had been placed in a pack n play to cry. That was rare for you, you rarely cried at school. It was during a week that I had to stay late and you were typically the first picked up and you were upset, plus there was a new college helper in the afternoon. They did not know what to do with you. I went up to the office with you to express my concern and Ms. Jen was in the office. When I told her what happened, her face became red and she quickly said I will handle it. I later learned that she had a very loud discussion with the afternoon staff. Celia, she had your back! We bumped into her recently at Longwood. She had not seen you in several years. She looked at me then looked at Celia and said "Is that Celia?". She was so excited and I was so excited to see her. I so wish I had told her how much she meant to us that first year. I had no worries about leaving Celia with her. There were some days in which I got a little upset about things said and then when I got to work I realized that I was being an overprotective first time Mom and I got over it!!

Your second year you had Miss. Holli and she was good. I liked Miss. Holli but you gave her a hard time. I am not sure that your personality matched with her very well and you were quite the 2 year old. You were the bossiest little thing. We still like to talk about your favorite person in the room- Ben. We asked you why he was your favorite and you said "Because he does whatever I asked him to do". He did too, that changed though!! Our funniest story from that year was the time you said "Holy Crap" in class and then when they asked you who said that you said "Daddy did". We had a note sent to us. Sweetheart, it is still on our refrigerator.

Your third year- Two words: Miss. Donna. You practically stalked the woman. Honestly, for awhile we had to eat with Miss Donna's picture on the dinner table. At breakfast you would sit and eat and just stare at her picture the whole time. I was a little worried. She was so sweet to you, she still is. You did give her some rough days too but you also gave her the biggest hugs and you still remain very close to her heart. You became a big sister that year, your life was disrupted big time by your cranky high maintenance sis. I complained to Miss. Donna about lack of sleep and then felt silly. You see Miss. Donna has triplets and an older child.

Your fourth year- You had Miss. Anna. That year was tough for me as I returned to work and was trying to learn how to juggle two kids and a job. Audrey also did not enjoy school as much as you did. But I do know that Miss. Anna taught you so much. I was so impressed when you would come home and share some many different facts with me. It was the first year that I did not hear how bossy you were with your friends and your table manners improved. I know Miss. Anna worked on these things with you and with your classmates.

This year. Sweet girl you will never, ever have a teacher like you had this year. I say that with complete confidence. That teacher does not exist and I am fairly certain I am right. Miss. Shelley has invested her life into your classroom and into your school. You learned about caring for others, caring about Jesus, and developing your social skills this year. You learned academically but I really have never had worries in that area for you. I am told that Miss. Shelley does not leave you that throughout the your school career she will check in with you. I know that we will be checking in with Miss. Shelley. Unless you have been in her classroom, you will never, ever understand what an amazing teacher she is! There is also Office Donna who is the director and who you adore. We always have to give her a hug before we leave. She knows all of the kids and she really knows you. Sweet girl, UMCC for us will always be your school. 

I still have not added many of our pictures onto our new computer, I hope to post some school pictures through out the years post!

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