Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Visit with Katie

So we brought Katie up here for a fun filled week.  We had plans for a variety of activities however the weather was not nice, it was either rain or hot as $#^&.   My girls are used to going out in the heat and walking for awhile but I was not sure if I should put Katie through that.

We did visit our library on craft day, we went to a children's museum in the evening one night for $2 admission night, and we visited Longwood Gardens.  The visit to Longwood was good at the end but the beginning was rough.  Celia evidently was out of the practice of hiking in humid weather.  I thought that when the weatherman said that it would be 85, it would be perfect however I failed to listen to the excess if humidity warning.  We were all dripping with in a few minutes.  Celia was whining and although Katie was not complaining, she was dragging.  Audrey was fine, she had the BOB stroller.  She kept giving the two girls looks like what on earth is your problem...

To make matters worse when we entered the conservatory after walking to two tree houses, there was a field trip in the children's garden with counselors that were too interested in their cell phones then the kids.  So it was chaotic.  Luckily after about 10 minutes they left.  The girls then decided this was a good trip.

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