Friday, August 3, 2012

Brandywine River Museum

A local museum near us offers free admission on Sunday mornings.  As a child I remember going to this museum quite often.  In the winter they have an amazing train and doll display.  Outside they often have craftsmen/women making their products.   My father was an artist on the side.  He did some wood carvings but primarily was a wildlife artist.   He was very talented and thankfully some of my gymnastics classes were paid for by a panting that he did, a nice barter.   In any case, I am assuming that it was because of his interest in art that we took those trips to the museum.  My Mom may be reading this and saying no, it was my idea, etc...  However I remember following my father along in the museum for some reason and I really remember looking out those big windows with him.  So I have that memory and who knows, perhaps I was out there in that hallway for another reason (I was always a perfectly behaved child so it really could not be due to anything negative).

So we decided this past Sunday to take the girls.  We had little expectations that they would be interested in the artwork, but it was a free activity and we decided to give it a try.  It was nice, we were able to see some nice artwork and I actually think the girls had a good time.  For the most part we let Celia set the pace.  We did not make her go very slow but she did look at some paintings.  Remember the big painting of the pig Mom? Celia liked it.

We did enjoy watching the group of people tubing down the river with the coolers of beer!!

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