Monday, August 20, 2012

Life as it is

So I was thinking of some things that the girls have done or said lately.

Celia:  Well you know Audrey would not throw fits if you just gave her, her way
Me:  Well then she really would not learn to behave
Celia:  Well Mom it would be a lot more quiet if you just gave her what she wants all the time
Me:  Another random reason why not
Celia:  Well, you could just give me whatever I want

Pete and I were giving the girls a bath one night.  They are old enough that we can do some things around the bathroom, but we do not have to be sitting in there right beside the tub.  Okay, or so we thought.  We all of a side hear a slight thud and then "I'm Done" and Audrey was out of the tub!!  She acted like it was an every day thing but Pete and I were a bit surprised as it was a rough landing.

Audrey is not the calmest child, she has a temper.  She hits Celia when she is mad at her.  One day Celia had been a bit rough.  She had just finished yelling at me that she did not want to do something and was almost on her way to timeout when she straightened out.    She then began playing with Audrey.  Audrey hit her.

Celia whining "Audrey hit me, ouch, ouch, Mommy Audrey hit me"
Me:  You need to tell Audrey no and said it loud
Celia:  Oh no Mommy, I can not yell at Audrey, I love her

Thanks sweety, the fact that you were just yelling at Mommy 5 minutes prior makes me feel awesome.

We lost electricity a week or so ago.

Celia:  Well if we have no tv, I can just watch tv on the iPad
Pete:  Well no, there is not internet so no tv on the iPad
Celia:  Okay, we can cook dinner in the stove if we do not have electricity
Me:  No, that works on electricity
Celia:  Oh, I know we can use the microwave!!

Celia played dollhouse with her Grandpa a short time ago.  There is a longstanding joke with them that they try to throw a dollhouse character off the roof that they call Grandma.  Everyone loves Grandma, it is just a longstanding funny thing.  But Celia and Grandpa had not played that in awhile.

Grandpa told her that he would pretend to be Grandma and fall of the roof
Celia:  Oh okay, but don't tell Grandma we still do that!

Of course that made Grandpa go right home and tell Grandma!

Audrey loves to play with this plastic dog that she can pull around with a string.  She calls him puppy which sounds like Poppy.  When she asks to go to the potty she also says poppy.  Confusion sometimes happens.  The other day she came up to me and said "I unt (want) poppy".  So I took her off to the bathroom in which she said "No".  I got annoyed, went and got a reward for her and tried to get her to go to the potty.  She grabbed the cookie from my hand and ran away.  I was really mad now.  She said again "I unt poppy".  But she said it a little louder.  So now I am mad and there is no way I am getting another reward, I tried again to get her to go with no success and she is still saying "I unt poppy".  So finally Audrey went over to the closet, searched and presented me with puppy.  I sort of felt bad.   Then she looked at me and said "I poppy".  So evidently after all that, she now had to go to the potty...

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