Friday, August 10, 2012

Our extended journey to Tennesse part one

I do not think that I ever posted about our first longer trip of the summer (we took an earlier short trip to our neighbor's beach house). The weekend before July 4th, our Air conditioning stopped working. Okay, it started freezing around pipes, leaking, and then started to not cool. It was the hottest week of the summer. Actually it still remains as the hottest week of the summer, close to 100 or over each day. The repairman came out and got me all excited because at first he said, oh I think this is actually an easy fix. Then he said let me just make sure and check one last thing. Then he said, well it isn't going to be so easy. 5 days later, a new compressor and a pricey coil then it was fixed. So as of Monday despite many fans, the house was getting above 85 degrees. Audrey does not do well in the heat, it makes her reflux worse and some how she seems to do her water choking tricking frequently when she is over heated. But quite honestly, who does awesome when the thermostat is creeping to 90? So my Pete's parents were very quick to just say "Come on over". I decided to pack up and head to their place. However I was supposed to leave for Tennessee the following Monday and it looked like the AC would not be repaired much sooner then that. So I packed for an extended trip. It actually was a fun trip in Lancaster and we need to do it another time. We went to the North Museum

It was a very small museum and had some good points, the two headed deer head in the drawer was especially thrilling.  The kids had a good time.  Celia loved driving with Grandpa everyday to get Grandma from work.  We also had a great fourth of July with them!

So on Friday we packed up and headed to my Mom's house.  We did not leave for Nashville until the following Monday so we had a few days in Richmond.  We have enjoyed the Splash Park at Lewis Ginter park.  

Audrey was stung by a bee shortly after this picture was taken.  She stepped on the bee and grabbed her head and cried.  We thought she was hit in the head somehow until finally I thought to look at her feet and saw the stinger.  She was fine after about a minute but her poor little foot swelled quite a bit.  She walked on it fine though!  At least we now know she is not allergic to bees.

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