Sunday, August 12, 2012

Our journey to Tennessee part 2

So Monday we started out on our 10 hour journey to Tennessee.  By we I mean my Mom, Celia, Audrey, and I.   It was not that bad.  It helped that my Mom and I shared the driving and Celia had a portable dvd player.  We arrived a little before dinner time at my sister's house in Tennessee.

The cousins were all happy to see each other.  Audrey loves my nephew Emmett and Celia and my niece Katie are best buds.  Emmett did request however that it would be better if Audrey were older and a boy!

We primarily hung out at my sister's house and let the kids just have a good time.  We did go to the Gaylord Opryland resort to visit.

We left with my niece Katie on Friday to go back to my Mom's house.  The 10 hour journey was again not so bad, some arguing and meltdowns about the dvd (my kid) but overall not so bad.  We arrived around dinner time again!

We went back to Lewis Ginter with my niece and as it often happens when we go there, there was a thunderstorm that cut our trip early.  On Monday I headed home with my niece and the girls.  That 4 hour trip home was far worse then the two 10 hr road trips we previously took.  It was awful!!!

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