Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Can you guess which one loved the beach?

For the past two weeks we have spent time in the Outer Banks.  This has been an annual trip, Pete stays for a week and my Mother, the girls, and I stay for 2 weeks.  This year was a bit different because the second week was rainy, not that warm, and the ocean was wild.  We did find time on the beach almost everyday and time in the pool a few times the second week.  The first week the weather was very nice and the girls were able to go to the pool at least one time, typically two times each day.  Celia has a puddle jumper that she uses in the pool however she remembered her lessons from the previous year and basically after day one she did not need it.  So I put it on Audrey to see what she would do and she loved it.  She was a little over confident though and needed to be watched like a hawk.  There was a ledge all around the shallow end and Audrey would just jump off the ledge, no matter if someone was close by or far away (no one was ever out of arms reach after!).   She also would whine "no Mommy" when I would help her swim in the water.  She thought she could do it herself.  With the puddle jumper she actually was fairly good at kicking her feet and moving around however she sometimes drank some water so I was sure to keep her up high.
Celia was so good in the water that by the second week she learned how to do a hand stand in it!  She also had fun playing with friends she met at the pool and on the beach.  The ocean water was not as scary to her and she came into the ocean a few times with me.  She was not so brave in the ocean though but she will get there.  I was fearless as a kid in the ocean so maybe a little fear is a good thing.

I will write more about the beach later.  Can you guess which child liked the sand and the ocean water??

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