Friday, September 3, 2010


Well I survived my first week back to work, it really wasn't a true reality check.  I can't say that I absolutely love our new school.  It is likely the most nice looking school from the inside that I have seen in awhile.  This isn't saying a great deal though.  The trend of many special education centers is that we typically get the schools that regular school districts are literally discarding.  They don't need them anymore, so we move in.  Yes that is right.  This one is different, this was actualy our building that we were renting out.  So it has been gutted and is being renovated into a new school.  It will look nice when it is completely finished.  Our wing is just about finished, with some minor glitches.  One thing that I don't get though is why I ended up with no windows and the tiniest room of the bunch.  Wouldn't you think that if you are going to have the tiniest classroom that you should have a window???  So some assistants have nicknamed my classroom the dungeon.  Fun!!  We have decorated it nicely and tried to not make it look overcrowded, between the full size fridge that my school that was needed and the oversized handicapped accessible bathroom there isn't a whole lot of room.  Oh and they decided to hang my Promethean board in the far back of my classroom, not in the middle where it would make sense- in the very back.  I do have a regular white board, however ventilation is reccommended when using the white board markers... We have none.
I will likely have 5 students to start out with, that is an awesome number.  Of all years.  I can't remember the last time I ever started with only 5 students.  Of course I will be leaving in 10 or 11 weeks.  4 of the students are returning students, so that is nice.  We will see if my 4 even notice that it is a new school.  Last year we decorated the entire hallway for Egypt, not a speck of wall was uncovered.  None of them noticed, none...  So a new school, we will see.

Celia started her first week in the 2/3 room this week.  She is adjusting well but it has tired her out and when Celia is overtired, she gets up at least 1x at night.  That has been every night.  Of course last night she fell out of bed so I guess I can't really fault her for that!  She was fine, landed on her butt.  She was on the edge of it when I last put her in there and it crossed my mind prior to the wake up!  We did away with her bedrails after she didn't use them at the beach.  So far that is our only fall.  She was super sleepy a couple mornings this week but didn't give me too hard of a time.  This morning she was very grouchy and was insistant that she did not want a class party at all.  But I did bring in soft pretzels and party favors (sidewalk chalk and playdoh) for her class.  Half the class was missing today!  Oh well.  It was fun, I got to hang out for them to sing her happy birthday and then walk to the park with her.  I have never seen the park that her school uses.  So now I can visualize it.

Celia on her first day

The playground

Her crew- I have introduced them all, new baby (white body) is her preferred.  The yarn haired one is new baby's Mother currently.

This is dark, but this is Celia's new room. I will try to get better pictures another time!

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