Saturday, September 11, 2010


It feels like Fall here, at least to me.  I start back to school and that is my mind set, however the 90 degree temps that actualy were with us no less then two weeks ago have been replaced by the 70s.  Tomorrow it is going to barely make it to 70 and be rainy.  I am not even sure when Fall officially starts honestly.  Ahh.. Wikianswers say Sept 22, so 11 days from now.  I enjoy summer because I have off and get paid, nice!  I get to spend more time with my little girl and not stress about school work the whole time.  But I do love the Fall weather, except right now I don't have much to wear for the cooler weather so I am hoping it just stays in the 70s!   8 to 10 weeks likely to go for this peanut, this nameless peanut!  We have to work on that.

Going back to work has proven exhausting as always but also stressful.  We are in a new building and my supervisor is super stressed and honestly taking it out a bit on all of us.  He needs a vacation, all of us will agree on that!  We have no windows in my room, we aren't allowed to go outside, there is no cafeteria/kitchen so the kids are hating cold sandwiches, and we basically feel secluded in our little area.  As the weeks go on I think it will improve, it can only improve.  My students so far are great, I almost wish there were more behavior issues to make me really want to leave!!   When I was pregnant with Celia, I questioned if I would be able to forget my students and really enjoy staying home.  I thought that I would still worry about what was happenning and if things were going okay.  But when she was born and I started hearing about different issues in my classroom, I didn't really care!!  I suspect it will be the same this time around.

In anyway, back to Fall.  We went to our local growers market this morning and I actualy bought a few things.  Typically I think their prices are just too high and choose the local produce section at our grocery story.  But today somehow things were cheaper.  So I got a butternut squash, some apples (should have bought more), an onion, and peppers.  I discovered that I had the ingredients for my crockpot butternut squash soup and it is cooking away as I speak.  I even used homemade chicken stock and am hoping it isn't too strong.  It made me think about one thing I am hoping to accomplish while on maternity leave- baking and cooking from scratch more.  It is so much cheaper and healthier to bake from scratch and I have wanted to do it so much.  Celia has started to become more helpful in the kitchen.  I can leave her for a second to stir something without worry that the bowl will go on the floor or hands will be deep in them.  I wouldn't put it past her, but it isn't as much of a worry as a few months ago.  So I can enlist her help in my project!!  Bread, rolls, and bagels are high on my list of things from scratch.  Beyone that at this time, I don't have any goals for things to be done on maternity leave as I will be learning how to juggle taking care of two kids!!

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