Sunday, September 19, 2010


Please read this

If you like to grow your own food, buy fresh produce, or enjoy buying from Amish markets it could soon become illegal.

I am wondering if that will change Produce Junction around here??  Or our local growers market.

It is ironic that this was posted today as we are going into a super veggie week.  It was honestly just coincidence honestly that we are having a lot of veggies!!  We are having grilled veggie and chicken wraps tonight.  No noodle lasagna tomorrow night (cooking away in the crockpot today though).  The following night Hawaiin Chicken with Butternut squash as a side (sweetened with brown sugar as a treat).  Tacos on Wed, with not as much veggies that night I guess... but you get the point.  I did a Produce Junction run.  Where else can you get a bag of 12 peppers for $2.00???  Honestly?  I also got a bag of about 12 or 14 plum tomatoes for $2.  3 lbs of peaches for $1.50.  2 lbs of grapes for under $2 and I forget what else.  I was dissapointed with the eggplant I got.  It is actualy the first thing I have bought there that has not been decent produce, I had to throw an entire one away.  
My appetite lately (almost 8 months preggo) hasn't been the greatest but my love of veggies recently has reached a peak.  It is funny, it did my last trimester with Celia too.  Maybe it is just the season.  I don't know. 


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Jen said...

You can't be 8 months preggo! No way! You just posted about finding out you were PG?! No possible way. I don't believe it :-)