Sunday, August 22, 2010

Parking Lot Birthday Photos

On September 5th, Celia will turn 3.  I can not believe it!! I am not one that wants to go back and capture her at a younger age or even wants her to slow down.  Honestly, Celia gets more and more enjoyable to me as she gets older.  I think that "wow" this is definately the point that I want to last awhile and then she changes and I think she is even more amazing.  So keep on growing little one, I can't wait to see what age 3 brings.  We have been warned that this year is worse then age 2 but you know what, really, age 2 wasn't all that bad.  This year Celia I get to spend part of it at home with you (and your sister). 

2008- Age 1

2009- Age 2

2010- Age 3

Oh and after my birth center appointment, we got Celia's hair trimmed.  In that complex, they have this fountain that she loves.  I took this photo and then laughed because as you can see she is definately climbing the fountain, I encouraged it... Evidently it isn't allowed.  You can't really see it in the photo at this size, but there is a sign that says no climbing.


Emily @ Little Home said...

Hey! Congrats on your baby on the way! And happy birthday to the big sister!

Sara said...

Happy Early Birthday, Celia!! (Carrie, she looks SO much like you.)