Sunday, September 26, 2010

Week by Week

November is going to come quickly, but right now it seems like to me that the weeks are dragging on because I have so much work to do that I really don't feel like doing! I really need to at least get brief sub plans done for when I go out on maternity leave however it seems like just when I get the current week's lesson plans completed, my lesson plans are due into my Supervisor for the following week (they are due the Wednesday before).  I also have 4 IEPs and one Reevaluation to work on- for those familar with Special Education, you know what those are.  Pete complained that all I do at night is work on the computer, it is sadly the truth and there is nothing to be done about it.  The one night I didn't, I cut out and designed a bunch of activities to be laminated and guess what?? The next morning I discovered that the laminator was broken- I had not used it all year.  So yes, sadly Pete will have his wife with her nose buried in the computer each night for a long while.  When there comes a time that I don't need to do that, it will likely mean that I have a baby attached to me!!  So I am complaining about the workload, but I am enjoying my students.  I had a very aggressive student last year and my assistants and I are enjoying a much needed break from that.  Although my classroom is not "easy" we don't have extreme behaviors and the kids do follow our behavior management program- for the most part!!

So enough complaining.  I need to post a current pregnancy photo, I am not that big as with Celia- infact I am measuring exactly where I was at this point with Celia.  I went in for my 2 week midwife appointment and found out that I am measuring 29 weeks when I was 32 weeks.  So we looked back at my chart from Celia and funny thing, at 32 weeks with Celia I measured 29 weeks and from then on I grew only 2 cm the rest of my pregnancy.  Really the fundal height (when they measure your preggo belly) is a very poor judgement of baby's size and growth, but all doctors and midwives measure anyhow.  So I am not too worried since we went through this with Celia and honestly this baby feels very substantial and is extremly active- far more then Celia ever was.  Celia saved up all her energy for when she got out, hopefully this little girl is doing the opposite!!  As for being ready for this little girl, that is getting there very slowly!  I haven't found the time to work on her room or make sure that we have what we need (which we don't have). 

Celia is definately 3 although she told us that we told her that 3 was more fun then 2 and so far she hasn't been having fun.  That was said durinng a time when we asked her to do something and she didn't want to.. but it was funny.  She is having some issues listening lately, well choosing to comply and listen.  She enjoys school depending on the day.  She has taken interest in singing and is cracking us up with some made up songs.  We are not impressed with her independent streaks as they involve arguements over who is going to do what and then randomly she evidently just can't do anything.  You know, she gets dressed one day and the next day she "just doesn't know how..."  Oh and as far as dressing goes, she is all about sparkly shoes.  She has these dressy sparkly shoes that she loves but are not so appropriate for school.  So I bought her some sparkly sneakers and they are her new love.  It hasn't been cool enough to introduce her to the sparkly jeans that my Mom got her.  I am not sure if I am going to do that anytime soon.

Okay will post with pictures another time.

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