Thursday, September 9, 2010


This was the DW cake (from Arthur).  Look on if you want a true picture of her.  This was the second year I made Celia a cake.  Last year it was a garbage truck cake.  This year didn't take me quite as long but still awhile.  What would have made it much easier would have been if I had thought ahead of time to get chocolate icing for the hair!  I experimented with marshmallow fondant.  It was surprisingly easy to make and work with but not all that yummy tasting, just very, very sweet.  But it served it's purpose.  The eyes are made out of fondant covered white chocolate circles, they were easy to make and had a good effect.  The letters and number 3 are also fondant, as well as the pink part of the ears, tongue, nose, and mouth, oh and some of the hair.  Mixing the colors was likely the most time consuming part.  But next year, maybe Celia will want a button, or a happy face, or even a flower- something easy!!  At least the baby's first cake will be easy- most of the grocery stores give you want free if you present a birth certificate.  I am all for homemade, but free tops that.

Celia is not super into having her picture taken.  So I only got a few.

The gifts included sparkly shoes, high ho cheery-o, a new electric toothbrush, and two number/math dvds from Pete and I.   The number/math dvds were not truely part of her gift.  I ordered them hoping to supplement some number work we are doing but she did really enjoy the leapfrog math one.  The sparkly shoes were to replace her ones that are almost bare in the toes, sadly these are a different brand and bigger so we need to wait a short time.
Highlighted toys also included a new cabbage patch doll from her grandparents in which she has stripped naked (every single doll she has is naked) and brought in for her special show in tell at school.  She is currently the preferred doll.  My Mom gave her a beauty kit including a pretend hair dryer and hair straightener in which she has often set up shop in our powder room to fix herself up.  I have also gotten many make overs.   Aunt Susie gave her this number puzzle in which she absolutely loves to "pop" the numbers out because they are individual foam puzzles.  She will then put them bag but the fun part is popping them out evidently.  Everyone gave her at least one Arthur book I believe, and she loves them.  So she was very well taken care.

She is having a hard time adjusting back to school, at least in the area of sleep.  She is overtired.  Yesterday was bad because for whatever reason she didn't nap.  She fell asleep on the way home- we walked home with the BOB and was not to be woken when we got home.  Believe me, I had a limp child in my arms, trying to wake her and she wasn't having it.  Finally when she did wake up- I totally regretted waking her up.  This morning she was so, so tired.  But she also isn't getting 2 hour naps at school and basically Celia needs her two hour naps.  So the poor kid is tired.  But she will adjust, she always does. 

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