Saturday, July 31, 2010

Just haven't been in a writing mood!

I can't say that things haven't been happening over the past couple weeks, I just haven't really felt like writing.  I honestly haven't updated the blog as much as I have wanted to over the summer.  It has felt like a crazy summer to me even though except for stitches, things have not been that bad!  The hot weather has not kept Celia and I from adventuring out in the BOB primarily because she gets up so very, very early.  I haven't done the special trips I planned on doing with Celia this summer but we have had a lot of fun just hanging out with each other.  I guess that is the most important thing, just spending time together.  Celia has enjoyed her 2 days a week at school, she looks forward to those days but honestly seems to like the extra days at home.  At least I know that she still likes to hang out with me!  I will miss her when I go back to work in a few weeks.
The baby bump seems to be progressing at the same rate as with Celia, maybe a little bit more pronounced but not all that much!  I am lucky as of yet, but honestly I know that with your second you tend to pop out a bit more.  So I am preparing myself for a more uncomfortable 3rd trimester then with Celia.  I am 6 months now and I can't believe it!  Our little peanut is very active, much more active then Celia ever was in my stomach- I don't know if that is a good thing!!  Celia is coming to my next midwife appointment in a couple weeks and we will take her annual parking lot birth picture.  Sadly this might be the last midwife appointment she can make.  Once I go back to school, it will make it more challenging to schedule appointments and I might have to do a rushed appointment in the morning or right after work. 
Celia is doing well but we are struggling a bit with sleep issues.  She is sleeping well but with the summer we have had days in which bedtime is a bit late or naptime is a bit late and she just can't handle it.  We find ourselves dealing with a very cranky Celia the next day.  This is a recent development, well in the past few months.  When Celia was much younger a missed nap would mean a restless night and frequent waking up at night.  She was over that for a long time and then lately it has transferred to having trouble falling asleep when she is overtired and then "Miss Tude" the next day!!  She has continued to do well at night with big girl undies, so I am going with it for now!  She is so very grown up lately and has been more of a helper around the house.  That will come in handy around November!!

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