Saturday, July 10, 2010

Recycling and being Creative

Celia is at the age now where I can do crafts with her and she will sit for more then a few seconds at a time.  I love that we can start to do these kinds of things.  I have been meaning to read "The Creative Family" by Amanda Soule for awhile.  So I got it from the library this week and have been skimming through it and becoming somewhat inspired.  She has a cool website

So yesterday I filled a container with beans and we crafted for quite awhile.  She made a cute face and we spelled out her name.  It wasn't one of her better days and she was cranky so we had some issues at some points, but overall it was fun.  I love doing the crafts with household items.  I even noticed a recipe for homemade glue which I think is great.  I am always losing track or running out of glue and it is nice to have a simple way to make some!  She also encourages limited toys.  I agree and I often wonder if Celia has too much already as it has always been my goal to have her use imagination more then needing material items.  She does this now but I worry about the build up of things (from christmas, birthdays, etc. as the years go by).  I guess I will just have to keep on top of sorting through things frequently.  She certainly does not need anymore Doll house items!  We are set with kitchen and dollhouse items!

I was also inspired to finish repairing to cute thrift store decorative pillows that I got for $2 a few weeks ago.  I also finished one big pillow out of some nice fabric that I had in my fabric collection.  It is upholstery fabric that I got at a deep discount.  I used the stuffing out of a pillow that had seen it's day and used that and some polyester fill to stuff it.  I will make a matching one when I get the chance.  I like those easy sewing projects.  I think that I will definately make some pillows for the baby's room (we will have a twin bed in there so they will go on there).  

I love finding second uses for different things.  Now if I could just get more inspired for organization that would be so helpful.  I just can't get ahead of our mail and just papers, it frustrates me to no end.  Granted it isn't all my stuff, but I can't even get my stuff the way I want it.  I never feel organized and never seem to have the time to do it!!  Right now my priority is getting the nursery in somewhat of an order.  I don't want to have to worry about that when I go back to work. 

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