Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Stitches Gone

This is a horrible picture of Celia but it was taken after the accident, you can't see her stitches, you can see one thread hanging out below her lip.  But what you can see is how very swollen she was!!  Well today my brave girl is stitch free!  She didn't cry when they took her stitches out and afterwards we celebrated by going to Toys R Us to spend her gift card from her Great Aunt Arsie.  We got this card at Christmas but hadn't had the right time to spend it.  I thought that getting stitches and being super brave was the perfect reason!!

She really wanted Polly Pockets like her cousin Katie but we couldn't find one that had the car with it.  That is what she really wanted- the car!  So on the opposite shelf from Polly Pockets was strawberry shortcake.  If you knew me as a little girl, I loved strawberry shortcake.  I had my Mom custom make a dress with Strawberry Shortcake all over it and I had matching wallpaper.  I loved her.  So I was excited when Celia saw the strawberry shortcake car with a little Strawberry Shortcake figure to go with it.  I thought she needed a passenger in the car so I picked up a mini lemon meringue who she is now calling DW.  You see what she really absolutely loves right now si Arthur but Arthur is not "in" right now so their are not many things out there with Arthur.  It is ashame, because I really love Arthur and all that Marc Brown has created!

Something is going on with the internet and I am not able to load more pictures.  But I will be back on later to share our ultrasound results.  Unfortunately the little one is taking now to be very active, so I am not sure how cooperative he/she will be!!

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