Thursday, August 27, 2009


Pete and I received a special picture of Celia dressed up as an angel for Christmas. We liked the photo, but for some reason it looked a little odd to us, not her typical her cute face. We still treasured the gift. Her teacher gave us a DVD of pictures from the school year. We had an explanation for this picture. You can see the trouble that her teacher had taking her picture!

The middle picture was me yesterday evening when Celia decided to fling the entire contents of the bottom drawer of my filing cabinet into the air. I was cooking dinner and I thought she was coloring. She was using a poster size blank coloring book that makes alot of noise when she turns the pages. She likes to turn those pages so I inaccurately assumed that the noises I was hearing were the turning of pages. I just happened to check and freaked out on Celia. You see 2 weeks ago I spent at least an hour or more organizing our files. Picking everything up was not fun and Celia's response was not either. I asked her to help Mommy pick up the papers and she said she didn't want to, so she was sent to time out. She got out of time out and I told her that she was never, ever to touch the filing cabinet- her response "Okay". Pete knows which Okay it was. It is the somewhat mocking Okay that she does now, it is the Okay that means she doesn't really care. Oh she will tell you "I don't care" at times too, I don't like that!!

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Anonymous said...

Welcome to motherhood. It will get better and it will get worse...wait till she's 13! You do have to admire her one is getting something over on her. That's the type of girl you want to raise anyway, so mold that now while you can girl!