Monday, August 17, 2009

Growing up

Two Years Ago (okay a little less then 2 years ago, this was Sept 2nd)

One Year ago:

This weekend:

No she wasn't talking to her boyfriend, it was grandpa. She took over the conversation that Pete was having with his father and wondered over to her chair. Can you picture her as a teenager??? Last year around this time our neighbor gave us that chair. I said yes to her gift but thought, ugh another big item for our tiny house. I admit now I was stupid and ungrateful. That little chair has been Celia's favorite thing. She loves it still a year later and I imagine even for a few years to come. It is fitting because she loves the family that gave it to her. Some gifts that have been unexpectedly cherished throughout the two years: Her baby stroller from Grandma and Grandpa, her baby from Mom Mom, her turtle (Milo) from Aunt Vickie, and a blanket from a certain neighbor. The last one I cringe about and Pete is probably the only who understands it. Oh and my Mom gave her the Leap Frog activity table that still entertains her 18 months later, she now thinks she is a DJ and makes the music play while she dances. Oh my goodness and how could I forget the trunk of gold coins!! Pete won this trunk of gold coins filled with cash prior to Celia's birth. The trunk looked cool, so I left it out as a decorations. I think Celia was around 6 months when she discovered them. They now entertain any child who comes in the house, go figure!

We took her crib down this weekend, Daddy is having mixed feelings. Celia has mentioned it a couple times but she has been sleeping in her twin bed for over a week now. She started back to daycare today, she will only go 2 days this week and next week, then start back the next week. I wanted to start her out slow. She didn't want to go this morning and it broke my heart. Once we got there, she was okay. I am interested to hear how she does with the potty. I am going to pick her up around 2/2:30 today.

What are my plans with the freedom?- going to home depot, cleaning the crud off the bottom of our shower door, putting in a new shower head, dusting the guest room. You know, fun!!! Oh I might do some sewing, I am back into the groove of sewing- you know, 2 weeks before I start back to work.

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