Friday, September 4, 2009

Am I doing this again???

Am I really going back to work for a second year, am I really working full time again?? I keep asking myself that. The answer of course is yes. I am chicken for change I think. I thought about part time work and explored it slightly. Perhaps if things hadn't happened this summer, things that will just remain as "things", I would have. I don't know. The truth is, when I think of part time, I know that all of my options for that kind of work mean no summers off. Summers off are wonderful. Summers off getting paid are amazing. Granted now when I have summers off, I am still working as a Mom. It is a different kind of work though, a sticky kisses, tummy tickles, on the floor flopping pouting, homemade yogurt and smoothy eating, kind of work day. It is a cuddles after a fall or just because kind of day. It is a certain toddler needs a nap so she whines all morning and then only takes an hour nap and then make you want Daddy to come home so bad that you send said toddler to the window to look for him every 5 minutes kind of day. It is a handy manny after poopying kind of day. It is a smoothy popsicle on the front stoop kind of day...

We are getting our new hardwood laminate flooring installed today. Last year it was the countertops, this year the flooring. Next year, hmm... what should next year be?? My bathroom?? But that is the size of a coat closet so not much can be done. There was a problem of course and the guys are off to get some board to put underneath the floor. All is well though because I pitched a fit with home depot and it is going to be free. One of the installer guys told me to call them and act really pissed off, so that is what I did. Now anyone that knows me knows that my pissed off isn't really all that bad. Of course the floor is not installed yet so hopefully everything will be okay.

I left Celia at daycare in a hurry today because the installers called and they were coming early. I left her suddenly and I hope she was okay, of course she is always okay. She loves school. They love her too. It is a quiet day there and they are celebrating her birthday. Thank you to Miss. Holly for making her birthday special. I love that Holly is her teacher, she is a very sweet person. The director, Miss. Donna, makes Celia feel like she is the only kid that goes there. Celia really thinks that. She talks about her and says "Miss. Donna loves me, Miss. Donna gives me hugs". I have asked if she gives other kids hugs and was informed "No, Celia". I know that isn't true, but glad Celia thinks it is. I am glad that when I am away from work that Miss Celia is in good hands!!

Stay tuned, tomorrow I will post pictures from her birthday bash- on her birthday!

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