Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Pizza dough making, I was born here, and church pics

Whole wheat pizza dough making, with sticky, sticky hands.
Top One is the parking space that she was born. The second one is the face I made when she was born.... Okay, Celia thinks it is her super wide smiley face.

Mommy and Cecelia (aka: Celia, Missy Lou, peanut, boo, monkey..)

Here she is sporting a purple dress from Aunt Susie, summery sandals, and a cute grin. This was at her school's summer get together. Sadly, today is her teacher's last day. We will miss her but Goodluck Miss Jenn in her new classroom!! Although I don't know which I would prefer- middle school versus toddlers...
I was suddenly put in a good mood today as I received good news about some health concerns (remember the emergency surgery last month), not to be shared, but good news none the less.

Of course winning the lottery, hmm, that would be good news too!! But sadly, I don't even buy the tickets. I think we won the lottery anyhow when it came to kiddos. You can't get a more special little soon to be 2 year old.

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Amy Mae said...

She is SO big!!!! I love the parking space picture!