Sunday, August 23, 2009

Please send some thoughts..

I have said before I read blogs as a hobby, I suppose. In anycase, I have been following a blog for awhile about a sweet family. It was a blog that I heard about through another one, etc. In anycase my heart has gone out to this family. They lost their first little girl to cancer and now they are going to lose their second little girl (they have a very healthy son) to cancer. They have fought very hard but sadly she had horrific side effect from one of the treatments and there is nothing more to do. I am so thankful that I have a healthy, happy, and very active little girl.

You can visit the Maxeyweb blog under my blog list.

On another note, I am going to post some pics of Celia helping me make pizza dough and our pics the birth center.

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Jen said...

Hey Carrie! I could not find an email for you so thought I would reply here. Since my Pedi called, we are getting speech once a month. From what I have been told by my service coordinator, it is on budgets and that the district I am in works on a homework type policy where they give us stuff to work on until the next visit. Our Pedi says she would like to see them in speech 3x a week, but we live in a different district than our Pedi office and apparently our district runs things differently :-(