Sunday, January 18, 2009

You know your child feels better when...

You know your child feels better when..

She swats at you for trying to take the remote away (she has never done this before and I am blaming it on a week's worth of sleep deprivation)

She dumps her container of Mega bloks and puts the container on her head

She trys to take your blanket away and finds it hilarious when you say that you are cold

She eat's some of her Daddy's pancakes

She dances and says "Hey Celia" while nakey (with her sadly smaller tummy) and says some pep to the dance (as even with a 104 temp she would do this)

So Celia is feeling better after only sleeping about 2 hrs total last night. Her cough kept her up. She is feeling better. Her cough is still impressive and we will likely need a nebulizer treatment today. But for the first time in about a week she is actualy playing some. I don't know how. The poor girl hasn't slept well all week. This was such a long bug, we are going to be paranoid with the next cold. There will be another cold of course. So who knows what worked, the antibiotic, nebulizer or she was just going to kick this thing on the 8th day. So happy thoughts for a continued improvement and for Celia to get some sleep. Oh and she needs to eat, she has obviously lost some weight, not as much as I thought but enough.

Oh and I would like to get some sleep, though that is not as important. Pete has a cold too and would like some sympathy. He deserves some but I am, well not as sympathetic with 2 hrs of sleep.

Thanks to Sara, Maggie, and Amy for the get well comments!


katie said...

Hey Carrie! i'm from the old pcos board. where did it go? i was wondering how e/o is and if sheena was due soon, etc..Celia is growing growing! hope she is on the mend and you are doign well! Katie

Carrie said...

Hi Katie
I miss the old board, I don't think it took up on the new BBC boards.
I do wonder about Sheena. I follow Sally's blog with her triplets. I think Kim should be having her baby soon too!! Don't know if you will read this comment, I will try to leave it on your blog!