Saturday, January 17, 2009

Little Celia, Update

So more thoughts for Celia. Her fever went back up to 103 and wasn't responding well to tylenol so I called the Dr's office. They asked us to come in and we saw the original Dr that we saw on Wednesday. This time he seemed not so rushed and spent a good amount of time with us. He heard some wheezing and didn't think that there was any improvement in her ear infection (still not considered a severe ear infection though) since Wed. So we are going to go to a stronger antibiotic and start giving her nebulizer treatments. It does look like it is likely RSV. She is beyond miserable, especialy after the neb treatment- she didn't appreciate the mask that she had to wear. So if no improvement by Monday then we are back to the Dr's office, if worse tomorrow then we are to head to the ER. We are hoping that the neb treatments help her breathe easier and the antibiotic does it's trick. She is very sick. I feel so bad for her.
For once, I am the only one in my family healthy. Usualy I am the sick one. Pete now thinks he has a cold and he doesn't feel well. So Celia is upstairs napping and Pete is in the basement napping. I am trying to chill after the eventful morning and watching one of the more intellectual movies made- John Tucker Must Die, yes, I wanted to do something that didn't involve using brain cells.
Poor Celia though, they want us to keep up with both Motrin and Tylenol for her fever, since she has had it so long. Motrin gives her an upset stomach and the Dr. said that the antibiotic will also. I have a feeling that her little Northern Essence Diaper Balm ( the only diaper ointment that my sensitive child doesn't get a worse rash from!) is going to be put to work.
So send happy thoughts to Celia. We are supposed to get snow on Monday and I so wanted Celia to enjoy it.

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Sara, Dan, & Maggie Daley said...

Oh poor poor baby. Dumb old virus! No fair to pick on the littlest ones. You're such a great Mommy, Carrie-- hang in there. I know you're physically healthy, but it just takes alot out of you to see your baby sick. We're sending healthy thoughts your way!
Sara & Maggie