Saturday, January 17, 2009

Poor, Poor, Celia

Dear Stupid Virus,

You are no longer welcome to stay in my body. Please leave your key in my mouth and make the bed before you leave. I want no traces of you left in my body. I see that you are thinking about leaving because my fever is down. It is about time, 6 days with a temp over 101 was not fun. You suck. You really do. So now that I am down to 100 degrees (Mommy is writing to correct this, you stupid bug, my temp is back up to 102), I should feel better, at least I thought I should. But no, you are still beating me up. Why? What did I ever do to you?? I want to be able to eat, it has been almost a week since I last ate anything more then a few bites of food. Thank goodness I am still nursing. So leave, you are not welcome back- EVER. Pick on someone bigger, someone not in my family, someone that I hate (okay, pick on someone that Mommy doesn't like, I like everyone except you), pick on them. Go on, go on. Leave! I want to feel like doing more then sleeping or just sitting and staring. I want to play. Do you know how many cool toys I have now??? You can't play with them though, don't you dare touch a single one- because you suck. Your mean and you drain me completely. So fairwell, leave quickly, by this afternoon.

One pissed of 16 month old,

That was a letter from Celia. She has been so sick and we have all been very worried about her. She started getting sick last Saturday, ran a fever on Monday and was just miserable. I took her to the Dr. on Wed and they put her on an antibiotic for a slight ear infection secondary to a virus that could be RSV (It doesn't look like that is what she has, they don't know what she has). The Dr. was clear that the antibiotic would do nothing to make her feel better, that it was a virus. But I expected improvement. My wonderful Father in law watched Celia Thursday and Friday and despite the attention from Grandpa, she was worse each day. Thursday evening her temp was 103. 5 (okay, not extremly high for a baby but that was her 5th day of this!). We brought her back to the pediatrician yesterday and it was our regular pediatrician, Dr. Meyer. We think he is the greatest, we were not as impressed with the one we saw on Wed. But that just might be a personality thing, I am sure he is a good doctor. In anycase Dr. Meyer's plan was that if her temp isn't down by Sunday then we will likely have to do an ER visit. He thought that it would just be 1 or 2 days more of what ever this thing is and she would start getting better. Celia had me worried, especialy when I checked her temp when we got home from the pediatrician and it was close to 104.. So last night was rough for Celia, coughing with gagging, just miserable. Her fever went way up around 10:30 and I was thinking that I really didn't want to put her through an ER visit on Sunday. Well she woke up again around 1:30 and I wanted to do a dance when I picked her up and noticed that for once she wasn't on fire. This morning the highest reading I got for her temp was 100.2. So send good thoughts her way that it won't go up this evening as it has been. She needs a break. Updated because it has gone up, hoping tylenol will bring it back down. She is miserable.
The picture above is what she does if she is put down, she might walk for a few seconds but then she just prefers to curl up on the floor. This is more concerning then her fever, she doesn't really want to play, just sleep and cuddle.

Poor Celia..

Oh and poor Pete is having a sinus attack, so send good thoughts for him. He doesn't handle feeling bad very well. Changes in the weather always do this to him and we certainly have a change with our frigid temps.

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Amy Mae said...

Poor Celia! I hope she gets better - I hate it when babies are sick!