Friday, January 23, 2009

Snow and the week is done

No I did not take my daughter who had been very ill for over a full week out in the snow on Monday, nope not me. I would never do that... Never, never, never. Okay, so we went out for about 10 minutes. I bundled her in her snow suit, at least maybe we will get one use out of it this winter!! I thought that she would have a blast however Miss. Celia wasn't so impressed. When we initialy went out she was very excited to go outside as she hasn't been except to go to the dr's office in awhile. However once we started walking in the snow she got really ticked and very annoyed. Why you ask. Okay lets travel down through the pictures.

Here she is treking through, somewhat enjoying it

Her shoes got snow on them, aren't they the cutest, tiniest feet?

And this is my daughter looking down at those cute little feet.
What is her response?
"What the heck, what is this stuff all over my shoes??"
Then she says "off, off, off"
She held her feet up to me and I brushed them off. She got up and walked through the snow only to discover that the white stuff had covered her shoes again so we repeat- "off, off, off" and I wipe them off. Then repeat. Then she just says "uppy Mommy, uppy". So she is picked up, no more snow on her shoes. She was happy to go inside the house.
I love the snow and I know she will outgrow her obsession with keeping her "shoe shoes" clean. But it is dissapointing that I don't have a little snow bunny. Of course it isn't a fair assessment either as she was still recovering some from being sick. We shall try it again.
How is Celia doing? She is almost 100%! I say almost because she is just a little more sleepy and she isn't eating quite as well as she was pre illness. She is so happy to be back at daycare but something that has changed is that she is excited to go home at the end of the day, at least this first week back!! It could be because she has been extra clingy to Mommy lately (though she almost pushes me out the door when I drop her off in the morning) or because her afternoon teacher Miss. Jen K left to do student teaching. She loved her so much and so there has been different afternoon teachers each day this week. I know there will be someone consistent soon. She still has her regular teacher, Miss. Jen there and she is so excited to see her in the morning. Of course Celia's favorite person at daycare is Olivia, a little girl in her class.
School for me has gone well this week as far as my students are concerned. The good thing about our small classroom is that some of our behaviors are decreased. When there isn't very much room to run, kids don't run!! So in a way, I am not too excited to get back to my old classroom. Of course the kids seem extra loud in the tiny, tiny classroom!! Not having a sink or a bathroom is a hardship too. I am so proud of my students though, they are really learning a great deal. They all know the sight words yes and no (along with the ASL signs for them). They have been really hard workers these past two weeks and seem to be a big more calm then in the beginning of the year. It is different to be with students who make progress at a visable rate.

So the week is done and I am tired. Celia has exhausted me with getting up every hour for a week, and then 1 or 2x a night some this week. I have a cold and Pete has a bad cold with his usual cough. I wish he wasn't so stubborn, he gets this cough several times a year, always around this time of year. His allergy meds don't work as well (well they don't work now because it is a cold) around this time of year. He likely has a sinus infection and hopefully will go to the dr tomorrow. But he suffers with this constant dry post nasel drip cough and he won't see an ENT or an allergist. I hate to see him suffering every year. He thinks I nag him about seeing someone but it is only because I care! Oh well, you can't force someone to something they don't want to do. From talking to others, he seems to be in the norm with the male population when it comes to illness. So for this one time he is normal... Pete is going to hate this post.
Hope everyone had a good week. Oh and I have a request for many, many thoughts for a snow day (4 preferably, more on that later) this winter.

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