Sunday, June 22, 2008

Things that make Carrie go hmm...

Things that make me go hmm.. or what the?? I apologize ahead, this is not my sweet and innocent posting. So some of you might want to ignore it.

Okay my biggest thing lately and I apologize to my FIL who reads this but I am going to talk about boobs, knockers, what ever you want to call them. Please, please if you are going to run ladies wear a good sports bra, or at least wear something. I was coaching at Valley Green a few weeks ago and we counted 4, 4 mind you, women who were wearing nothing underneath tank tops. I am not talking flat chested women, I am talking Dolly Partons that have gone south. My husband just told me to seek help Sweety when I read this to him. Perhaps I will. But in the meantime, Champion is a great brand.

Carseats, carseats, carseats. I have researched them alot. Okay yes your 5 year old needs to sit in the back seat. No you should not have your 4 and 6 year old share the front passenger seat, that isn't safe. Children ages 8 and younger in most states must be in a carseat. If a child is 45 lbs or heavier then they can go in a booster type carseat, however a regular convertable carseat is still safer. Children ages 1 and 22 lbs or less, which ever comes last must be rearfacing. However rearfacing to 30 lbs is safest. Carseats do expire. Yes they do, most have a 6 year lifespan. Sorry but I am tired of seating expired carseats in consignment shops and 2 yearolds sitting in blackless booster seats.

Teeny tiny butt shorts, that is what I am calling them. Pete and I went to breakfast on Father's day and were a bit disturbed when we were a little unsure if the waitress was wearing underwear or really short, shorts. They were shorts, but Pete even said it wasn't appropriate. So then I was watching the Today show and this teenager came on with her Mom and their "ugliest dog ever winner" and she had some on. So I think to solve this issue, every teen should wear granny undies. If the granny undies hang down under your shorts, they are too short.

Okay, have y'all heard of the lady who was injured by a thong. What the?? A victoria's secret thong injured her and yes, you guessed it she is suing. She cut her cornea with a heart shaped pendant attached to the thong. Okay, she I suppose is justified (I didn't say right) to sue for product defect. But I guess the lesson in this is don't buy a thong with jewelry attached to it, even thought makes me say ouch.

I know it has been said so many times but... I really hate the pants down to the knees with the boxers sticking out. It just looks tacky. But to each his own I suppose.

Rebates, coupons, store bonus cards- okay I know that is boring. But Why if the manufacturer or the store will give it to for less do you have to spend the time to cut something, swipe a card, or fill out a form?? I am especialy annoyed by the store bonus cards. Some stores are good and no matter what they will swipe their own store card to give you a discount but some won't. It just bugs me.

Okay that is enough for now...

I will post a more pleasant and sweet Carrie posting tomorrow. I took a walk into Town with Celia on Sunday that is certainly blog worthy.

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