Thursday, June 12, 2008

Okay, budget costing post comes later- this one is about Gator Wrestling

I have learned how to Gator wrestle, or I am learning. I can't say that I am very good at it yet. The Gator is a small wirey thing, only in the 20th percentile for weight but strong. It can wiggle like no other being out there and when you try to wrestle it, it often ends up standing on it's head. So the wrestle itself often involves too people- one to handle the head area and one to handle the bottom area. It is especialy difficult if the Gator is wet, which Pete and I had to do last night after we gave it a bath.

Okay, okay, our Gator is really Celia. Diaper changes and getting dressed has become interesting at some points. She has no issues what so ever with undressing. She loves to go around naked and it is funny to see her naked tushie crawling around. But when it comes to put her diaper on or a shirt on, forget it. She turns into this screaming, wiggly, thrashing Gator. I have started trying to stand her up while she holds onto something and put the diaper on. But that certainly doesn't solve the getting dressed problem. At some points she wiggles and arches her back so much that she is standing on her head. We need to videotape it, we really do. A couple days ago Celia would not let me put her diaper on so I gave up and let her go naked for a short time. What does she do? She crawls over to the changing pad, stands up with my help and pees. She got very excited too, she liked seeing the water come out. Then she laid down for me and had no issue getting her diaper on. I told her that she was more then welcome to potty learn now if she had an issue with diapers. So far she hasn't headed for the bathroom yet.

So that is my little snippit on Gator wrestling.

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