Monday, June 23, 2008

Our Walk into Town and Other things

When I was pregnant with Celia I tried to do everything to save money. We borrowed baby equipment, bought stuff used, got things free, etc. We didn't have to do this, I just chose to. But the one thing I really wanted I could not find on craigslist or anywhere used. I searched and searched and then finally Pete just said to me "just order it". I sucked it up and ordered one from REI, got free shipping by having it sent to the store and it was on supersale. Nonetheless I was upset over the indulgence, or at least I thought it was an indulgence. Now I know that the Bob Revolution Jogging Stroller was not a luxury it was a necessity. I love Bob and so does Celia. We have probably logged close to 200 miles in that stroller by now, actualy that is probably a low estimate. Since Celia is now a bit to heavy to lug around in her infant carrier we don't use the Snap and Go stroller. So the Bob has become our one and only. Yes, it is that good of a stroller. I have tested other strollers and nothing compares.

So on Friday I left my swimsuit at the YMCA after my masters swim team practice. I was a little annoyed, especialy with the price of gas. I kept thinking, now I am going to have to pack Celia up and head over to the Y just to get my swimsuit. So I decided to walk with Celia in the BOB. It was such an amazing treat. We walked into town, Celia babbling some on the way there. Our first step was my mission to get my suit where I bumped into my old swim coach. He is an interesting guy. He always calls me buy my first name and maiden name even though I have known him since I was 11. He was quite surprised to see the little peanut in the stroller though.

Celia and I then walked over to the Philly soft pretzel factory, they make the absolute best pretzels. They bake on location. The only bad thing, it is a chain. For some reason I would like to think that it wasn't. But you can't beat their prices- 3 pretzels for $1.50!! So we got fresh, I mean just came out of the oven pretzels and window shopped a little. Celia enjoyed her tiny piece of pretzel. After her pretzel she enjoyed about 5 min. of top of the lung screaches, just had to let me know she was there. Then she chilled back in the Bob and enjoyed the ride. We then stopped by Carlinos Market to get some bananas and fresh raviolis for the evening dinner. Prior to going into Carlinos some Man stopped us and said "hello, you have such a handsome little boy". "Thank you, we think she is very pretty" I replied. His response- "Oh he is a cutey". "Thanks" I said and went into the store. So I get this alot and it annoys me. No I would not dress my little boy in pink crocs, and a shirt with cute little girl cheeries all over it. The pink crocs are the key though..

So we headed home and Celia was having a great time, babbling away, looking around and then I heard silence. She fell asleep. I debated on waking her up when we got home, but I just wheeled Bob in and had my lunch in peace. Usualy Celia and I eat together. But for once, I was able to eat, watch the news (okay a rerun of What Not To Wear but the news sounds better), and just relax. She woke up as I was finishing and enjoyed some yogurt for lunch. She actualy took an afternoon nap too!!

After lunch she enjoyed some time in her hoppy pool and practiced walking with her push too outside. She has developed a passion for screeching at the top of her lungs. I don't know what the neighbors think about that. Overall it was a great day!!

Today she finally agreed to feed herself. She has known how to do it, she would feed me, but now she is okay with feeding herself. It was so nice. She munched on bananas while I made her lunch. It was too warm to walk today, but maybe tomorrow.

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Amy said...

Hi Carrie love the blog. Ava and I love the Philly Soft Pretzel factory, we stock up everytime we are home. Ava loves soft pretzels just as much as I do. Suffering from withdrawl here in Florida!

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