Sunday, June 22, 2008

Why We Tease and Pick

It seems that Pete and I have heard many times that we tease, pick, bicker, etc with each other too much. The truth is we do this out of extreme love and we wouldn't really feel as close if we didn't do this. Perhaps it is a thing of age because growing up I remember doing this with my friends, the loving little sarcastic comments made us feel like we were part of a group. So Pete and I enjoy each other tremendously and it makes us feel special, honestly when we use our daily sarcasm or teases. I suppose we need to start limiting it when we aren't just alone together. But I will have to say that if a day went by when my husband didn't tease me about my height, cloth diapering (okay I could go with out that), racewalking, or whether or not I have showered I would think something was wrong.

So the point is I suppose that we do this out of love. We don't argue alot, in fact I can probably count on my hand how many times Pete and I have had a big argument. We frustrate each other frequently and annoy each other quite often. So perhaps our teasing or picking is our little way of venting to each other. I don't know, but it works and we have fun.

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tracy said...

Okay.... for starters, i have come to the conclusion that if you are brought up in a sarcastic environment, then... tada.... you are apt to be sarcastic yourself. I have come to discover that we as "Tates" are a sarcastic crew. Pop pop was sarcastic, your dad and uncle Norman, aunt Arsie and yes, even Eleanor has her moments... this got me to thinking that no only is Mom's side of the family sarcastic, but so is My dads... they say oposites attract, but when it comes to picking our spouses and our close friends... Do we pick those who most are like what we know?... They say you marry your father, or in a males case, thier mother... but is it because we look for those qualities that make us feel special and loved? I know that sometimes we may say somthing that may be taken out of context for both... and then there are those who wouldn't know sarcasm if it jumped up and bit them on the ... you know... I did marry my father in the way that I married a guy who has a great sense of humor.. even though it is sarcastic humor... my closest friends are sarcastic too... I don't know what my point is.. but i just thought I would share that even though some people might look at you funny because of the banter that you and Pete have between you, you know you love each other and that is all that matters in the end... actually you are the ones who have to live with each other, so tease and pick away...