Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Points and Schedules

So since I am a teacher, it is important to me that my girls do not lose what they have been taught over the school year.  In fact, I try to teach some new things over the summer.  Celia often embraces learning something new when she is in the right mood.  This summer the girls are earning points for the school work that they complete.  When they reached 100 pts they were able to spend a gift card that they received at Christmas from my Aunt Arsie.  Celia earned hers first and bought some Shopkins and then Audrey bought an Equestria girl.

They have to earn 5 pts to have their small amount of iPad or tv time daily.  We have had a few days in which no points are earned and no tv or iPad is watched and I am very okay with that too.

One thing that has surprised me lately is that all of the school work is done in the little office/craft room that I put together.  We spent a lot of time in that room.  I put the table in the middle of the room and it caused a lot of questions from Pete.  He did not understand it.  But it has been the perfect spot.  We have made crafts, done Science experiments, the girls have painted, we have sewed, etc.  A lot goes on it that craft room.

 Do you notice fluffy?  
He can typically be found somewhere in the house hanging on the back of a chair.
I have been told that his head always hangs towards the front.

 Auds is loving drawing people now and cutting.
She also is getting really great at writing. 
I made this little one a schedule for bedtime as the time has come that her parents are tired.
When we close the door to her room at night, we are done.
I expected NOTHING as bedtime has been an issue from day one.
But guess what, she has stepped fully up to the plate and is doing awesome.

Celia is hiding behind her sleep mask.  She sometimes leaves her sleep mask on for hours after she is awake.  I will never understand it.  She can do the same thing with her goggles after she has finished swimming!  On this day she was learning about fractions.  She is a pro on regrouping now after about 2 lessons.  I think maybe that her teachers had started talking about it towards the end of the school year.

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